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Allowing humanity to

coexist with wildfires.

Remote controlled wildfire management, over great distances, without human exposure.

Firewall Locomotive Sprayline

We are developing a remote controlled wildfire containment system called Firewall.

Firewall is a motion, fluid, and information technology.

Firewall allows one to remotely deploy a sprayline into rough terrain and form a temporary firewall that is able to contain and manage wildfires.

Enabling Technology:

Self-Propelled Deployment System


Advances into the field under its own power.


Capable of navigating & withdrawing in a variety of terrains.


Active steering system.

Rapid Deployment

From a safe, remote location.

Slender & Streamlined

Designed for minimal path preparation.


Long range, long spray reach with modest pipe diameter.

Remote controlled

Control the Firewall from the most convenient location.

Long Range (10km+)

Conceivably unlimited range with substantial tortuosity.

Unmanned navigable wildfire protection spray line

GEt in touch

Remote Controlled Fluid Sprayline

Computerized Fluid Spray

3D distribution with obstacle immunity.

water resource management

Active risk-weighted priority fluid placement from any portion(s) of the deployed length.

Long Vertical & Horizontal Reach

Create a high and wide swath of soaked foliage and/or a maximized mist bubble.

High Flowrate, Multi Fluid

Up to 1000 GPM.
Water, retardant, or accelerant.