WILDFIRE Control Lines

Complete Wildfire Containment, Mop-up, and Monitoring

The Problem

Wildfires have become unsustainable to manage.

Our Solution

Leverage scalable robotics for complete wildfire containment - from initial attack to mop-up to monitoring.

About us

Our team has developed a self-propelled and remotely controlled robotic snake, called Firewall, that can be deployed in rough terrain, up to 10 km at a time, to offer rapid, fluid-based protection of communities, industry assets, critical infrastructure, homes, and sensitive ecological areas.

Our team has a combined 60 years of industrial robotic development. We have successfully run companies by developing, building, and introducing new technology. And we want to lend our experience and energy to wildfires.

We have partnered with major wildfire agencies to execute pilot demonstrations of our technology and develop operational expertise.

Enabling Technology:

Remote Controlled Fluid Sprayline

Scale Prototype
Independent Nozzle control

Spray where you need, when you need, in any direction, anywhere along the line.

INTELLIGENt distribution

Optimize and conserve fluid placement by using real-time wildfire information.


Spray high and wide to increase humidity and lower ambient temperatures.


Up to 1000 GPM.
Water, retardant, or accelerant.

Self-Propelled Deployment System

Scale Prototype

Advances into the field under its own power with no one needed to go along its length.


Capable of navigating & withdrawing in a variety of terrains. Minimal path preparation required.


Active steering system to put the system right where you need it.

Rapid Deployment

Capable of speeds up to 1.5 km/hr.

Unmanned navigable wildfire protection spray line

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